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If there's one thing that never fails to impress, it's jewelry. From birthdays and anniversaries to social dinners and events, people are always looking for new jewelry to give away or show off. Not only can jewelry add a touch of elegance to any outfit, but it can also be very valuable monetary-wise. Whether you're interested in buying high-quality, affordable necklaces and rings or selling some of your old earrings and bracelets, our team at SLP Gold & Silver is ready to help.

Buy Or Sell Jewelry In St. Louis Park

Jewelry comes in a variety of forms and metals, from gold earrings to silver watches. We buy all types and styles of Jewelry. No matter the type, it can generally be divided into one of three categories:

- Estate jewelry
- Antique jewelry
- Vintage jewelry

Get The Best Value For Your Jewelry

There's no doubt that jewelry is popular--in 2020, the industry as a whole earned a revenue of over $18 billion. What makes jewelry a unique investment is its functionality. It doesn't have to stay locked away in a safe until it becomes valuable enough for you to sell--you can wear necklaces, rings, bracelets and whatever other pieces you may own until you're ready to exchange them. Alternatively, you may not want to sell your jewelry at all. Several jewelry owners pass their assets down to their children or relatives, creating family heirlooms that grow in value as time progresses.

How Do We Value Estate, Antique, and older Jewelry?

Estate jewelry refers to a piece that had a previous owner--in other words, it was given to you by somebody or purchased used. Antique jewelry refers to pieces that over 100 years old, while vintage jewelry refers to pieces between the age of 50 - 100. The value of your jewelry can fluctuate depending on what category it falls in, but you should receive a fair price as long as you work with a reputable dealer. At SLP Gold & Silver, we buy and sell all types of gold and silver jewelry, from watches and bracelets to necklaces, earrings and rings. Whether you're interested in selling your used jewelry and estate jewelry or buying something fun and new for you, our licensed and insured gold and silver dealer in St. Louis Park can guarantee a fair rate. We are a proud, accredited member of the Professional Coin and Graders Service, establishing our credibility in the exchange of precious metals. We advise customers to work with gold and silver dealers who can value not only their piece, but the value of the metal. Jewelers tent to look at the piece as something they can resell as is, SLP Gold & Silver takes a more wholistic approach. To ensure the quality of our products, we test metals with an industry-standard Sigma precious metals verifier. We accept several payment methods for purchases and can pay you promptly by cash or check for sales.Our St. Louis dealers specialize in quality, affordability and honesty. We approach every exchange with full transparency--you don't have to worry about overpaying for a low-quality piece or being cheated out of your valuable assets. Visit us in St. Louis Park or contact us online with any questions!

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