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We are the top gold & silver shop serving Minneapolis and Minnesota residents. We are not only a well-known and trusted source for buying silver and gold in Minneapolis, but also provide educational and entertaining content related to our trade nationally. If you're looking for an honest, professional gold & silver dealer near Minneapolis, keep reading or get in contact for more details!

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At SLP Gold & Silver, we engage in the buying and selling of a variety of different precious metal items that include:

- Gold & silver bullions
- Gold & silver bars
- Gold & silver coins & rounds
- Gold & silver jewelry
- Gold & silver collectibles
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If you live in Minneapolis and are looking to buy or sell gold, our shop will give you a great deal for your precious metals. Whether you're holding on to your gold for investment purposes or you're trying to diversify an investment portfolio, we can help! During the time of writing this, inflation has its claws on the US economy and many people are looking for ways to keep their buying power. Buying gold can be one of the best ways to hedge against inflation. But don't just take my word for it, lets take a look at the price history of gold from From 1970 to 1975, gold prices hovered between $100 to $200 per ounce. In comparison with the current gold price of $1765 per ounce, there is a 882% increase. Gold has a tendency to increase with the market, there is a limited amount, and it can be utilized for jewelry. These are some of the many factors that make gold a good investment. Visit our store today to buy, sell, or get your gold inspected!

selling & Buying silver for Minneapolis customers

Saint Louis Park Gold & Silver is one of the most trusted precious metals dealers in Minnesota. Silver, even though not the most sought after precious metal, is still a very good investment to diversify your portfolio. One reason being that it is generally a highly liquid asset so you don't have to worry about finding a buyer. Another reason silver is such a good investment is that its quantities are limited so you won't have to worry about the market being flooded, devaluing your asset. Last but definitely not least is its use cases. Silver is used to create jewelry, mirrors, silverware, dental alloys, and generally has a place in tech industries. With over 300 reviews on google and other reputable sites, you can trust that we will give you a good deal on your silver. We sell and buy a variety of silver item from our store in Saint Louis Park. Call us at (952) 217-5488 or visit us today to learn more!

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